Here’s why we can’t Generalise usage of 3D Printers Globally…

Chapter 1 – Section 1

The world is divided!!

Haves/Have Nots, Rich/Middle Class / Poor, Capitalist/Socialist/ Communist / Democratic, Opportunist/lackadaisical, Suppressor/ Victims.

These Divisions prevail throughout the world. Countries and People who have seized the opportunities during each revolution or change have made fortunes and have made the other countries their slaves or utilised their resources to their benefit.

Such is also the case for the 3 industrial revolutions which we have witnessed in the last few decades.

In 17th century, India became the largest economy and manufacturing power in the world, producing about a quarter of global GDP, before fragmenting and being conquered over the next century. During the medieval times, India was the world leader in manufacturing, producing 25% of the world’s industrial output up until the mid-18th century, prior to British rule.

The First Revolutions saw the invention of Steam Engines and Hydro Power, Mechanisation. From 1760 to around 1840, this industrial revolution provided transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe and the United States.

The British Rule and the 1st industrial revolution saw the fall in India’s GDP and slowly the western world saw a huge growth by trade and manufacturing.

The Gap widened with the second Industrial revolution from 1870, when the western countries implemented Mass production with large assembly lines  and electricity usage improving economies of scale. The division of Labor also was constituted during this period.

The Indian industrial policies were implemented after independence in line with the 2nd industrial revolution and as a third world country with a large population, we grew as a major manufacturing hub for the west.


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