Innovation has been one of the essences of Evolution of Humankind till today.

It has always taken the generations forward in terms of their capabilities and more efficient practices.

If wheel was not invented, we wouldn’t have seen today’s automobile revolution.

If light bulb was not invented, we wouldn’t talk about industrial revolutions.

If Internet was not invented, we wouldn’t be able to connect with the world during the pandemic while social distancing.

Well these are some of the major inventions which gave a platform for colossal growth to mankind.

However, there are many more inventions like steam engine, Printing Press, Telephone, Radio & TV, Vaccination, Computers, Airplanes, Anaesthesia, etc.. Which have brought disruptions in terms of human kind’s progress?

Now, why are we talking about Invention in a blog for Innovation?

So there is a correlation between the two.

Invention is about creating something New, while innovation is about utilisation of the invention in a better or efficient way of utilising a product or service.

Now Telephone was the invention, but iPhone was a great innovation!

So, are we looking to invent something or probably can do with innovation as of today?

My view would be that in today’s scenario of technology and industry, we need more of innovation rather than inventions. Methods and Ideas to improve our daily life, reduce carbon footprint, increase better utilisation of natural resources, reduce costs and benefit more masses, etc could be what we could look at in terms of Innovation.

The best example is conversion of Inventions and existing high cost equipment to reasonable cost by China to benefit the developing countries. This could surely not be neglected as far as India is concerned.

The “Atmanirbhar” India could be a revolution where we could initiate similar innovations for the benefit of our country and mankind itself.

Lets take a deep dive into innovation and what benefits should we look into with that which could benefit Human Kind and also sustain environmental balance.


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