Entertainment – From Social to individual, From Physical to Virtual!!

For few generations, entertainment has shifted from physical to virtual.

If you ask the Older generations to Y2k about entertainment, they would talk about movies in open air through projectors, the movie houses full of smoke with few hundreds huddled together in an non-ac theatre, going to the mela and eating Gol-gappas and ice candy, circus shows with the same old jokers and same pranks, magic shows,etc.

Only few of us could talk about video games like Mario & Allaudin which used to be a puzzle about how we could make a virtual figure jump using few keys on kiosks.

Today, entertainment has changed from Mela to Malls & Theme Parks, Theatres to Netflix/Amazon Home Theatre, Gol-gappas to Mac-Donalds, Ice candies to smoothies.

The concept has changed based on the nuclear family concept where no more we like crowd and accept entertainment as a social event.

Today’s entertainment is more of individual choices and more virtual than physical. We would pay more for anything which brings entertainment home.

In the yesteryear, sports used to be entertainment, now it has become a profession.

We used to play gully cricket for the fun of it now it has become serious business.

Today’s Entertainment industry is one of the most money-raking one, with more choices on virtual than physical.


So, in this blog, we will focus on the Virtual Entertainment which most of us know about and how it is trending today and of course bring in some information on the yesteryear entertainment for the sake of comparison.

Today’s Generation as adults will talk about Virtual Nostalgia! And our childhood best friends would be Shin chan, Chota bheem and Dora.


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