Jugaad – The innovation from Local to Global!!

While the world was looking at expensive ways of innovations, India like few other countries never had the …….. for it. So we innovated Jugaad!

Jugaad is a way of innovation which makes use of the available low cost resources.

This needs more creativity than the expensive brother because you must relate to things around you which suit your innovation.

We all know ISRO as the King of Jugaad from the first rocket to the launch of 104 satellites, and that really attracted a lot of countries due to the low cost and efficient use of resources without compromising on the purpose of the project.

But jugaad has always been the Indian way right from our homes where we fix leaking pipes to launching sattelites and farming techniques.

And Jugaad ensures that you don’t have to be a Scientist from MIT or a qualified Mtech from reputed university nor need any PHD degree.

Jugaad has been in our blood which our mothers taught us at home and wondered how it always worked.

Now, today we need more jugaads which can help us to be “Atmanirbhar”, as that is the only way we can take on the Chinese competition within our country.

As a nation, we have been one of the oldest for inventions and innovations, but somehow lacked the grit and determination to continue. We lost our way somewhere in between with the western world clouding our senses with their expensive way of innovation, which proved too costly even to environment.

On the other hand Jugaad is always a environment friendly innovation technique and we must re-invent our ways as the old times.

Let’s not feel downgraded with this term as ISRO has proved to the world what jugaad is all about.

How about Mitti Cool, where you don’t release harmful CFC which are harmful to mother earth and also does not need electricity.

We do have certain not-so-favourable examples like Tata Nano which was more like a jugaad for the Indian consumers but it backfired.

Yes, it may not suit all the needs of today, but doesn’t it offer a much better alternative?

Note : the images are from Google and are for representation purpose!!


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