Cost impact of New Technologies Vs Health Impact of conventional Technology!

Today, this Covid -19 situation has taught us a lesson. Survival is the primary goal of Human kind today. It’s beyond the economic impact or literacy gain, normal daily routine work of ours’s or social gathering and interactions .All of us worldwide are thinking of how to survive and this is also an individual thought process as only if we survive can we help our family, society, state, country and world! We wear masks to save ourselves not others.

Now this lesson has a moral too that when we are so concerned about our lives, shouldn’t we give some consideration or thought towards the future generations? Is life only about living, amassing for self and dying instead of leaving something valuable for the future generations?

So what’s that one thing which we should leave behind for the benefit of the future gen? Is it economy, infrastructure, Bank balance, Knowledge, values, innovations?

All these are important only when our future gen are healthy and that’s only possible when we preserve nature and leave behind a clean environment which is a result of all the above which are more eco-friendly than otherwise.

As we focus in our blogs on Tech, Innovation & Entertainment, these are the most sought after by today’s and future generations. Hence it’s very important we TIE importance to the environment impacts each of them have.

And who’s responsibility is all these? The Government’s, the large business houses, the industries, the local communities?

The Answer is again we all individually are responsible for this! And every technology or innovation developed not considering the environment is taking us closer to disaster and amounting to killing the future!

Today, India is being looked upon by the world to produce and supply what was being done by china. And this will result in a major disruption in terms of new ventures, developments and technology upgrades done indigenously and we need to realise that every such development or innovation should comply to environmental friendliness as a must!

We must take cognizance of this and surely can be the Green Ambassador for the world. After all we Indians have always been leading and teaching the world good principles and values.

It’s time we rise to the occasion and prove ourselves as leaders in Green technology, Green Innovation and Green Entertainment!

3D Printed Wax!!

With Technology at least we have few which really help us jumpstart this initiative, viz. 3d printing, which today the world (especially Indians) call an expensive technology, but few studies have proven that for eg: in casting industries, which are highly pollutive, inclusion of 3d printed plastic patterns for sand casting and wax 3d printing for investment casting can reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding usage of aluminium moulds or wooden patterns which increase the carbon footprint if we consider the Life cycle Analysis (LCA) of each material.

Pouring into Mould!
That’s a 3D Printed wax pattern!!

Now, in this scenario, should we look at cost or environment? Who is responsible for the implementation? Who is responsible for initiating this? What is more important? Health or Wealth?

Once we have answers for all this individually, maybe we will realise that technology costs are higher on balance sheets but in the long run leave behind a cleaner environment for future generations to Cherish and Exist! And that’s every individual’s responsibility.

Note : The Images are for representational purpose. Images from Google.


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