Why should India focus on 3d printers suited to manufacturing?

The writing is on the wall! China has turned from friend to Foe! A country which just wants global trade power by hook or crook. Today we see Chinese grown to such extent that they threaten the very existence or sovereignty of many nations including India.

Now what does this have to do with Technology?

The connection goes very deep into China’s growth as a superpower. They used technology as a weapon and as a tool to control the world trade.

With Industry 3.0 and 4.0, there is absolute thrust on automation and alternate manufacturing methods which can yield quick results and outputs than the conventional way and all this at no compromise to the working class.

Now how did China achieve what no other country did?

They introduced new technology into manufacturing and gave the world a complete one stop solution.

This is evident from the fact that many industries in India including automotive, footwear etc are thriving on Chinese for prototypes to tooling. They were quite happy with Chinese because they had all the offerings under one roof…china! And at an unbelievable cost.

Every manufacturing company had an array of 3d printers aside conventional machines. This made sure that 3d printers were used for low volume end use parts and also prototype models. They were also smart to utilise 3d printing in their shop floor for indirect utilisation such as sand casting and Investment casting patterns, manufacturing tools, gauges, fixtures and maintenance parts.

Now this helped them reduce their turnaround time internally and externally and also ensure they were lean by not holding much inventory.

3D Printing along with Robotics and automation made them what they are today in such a short time.

Now India, like many other countries is being looked upon as the next destination for companies moving their operations out of china. Hence what our companies don’t have to ramp up is time and this is where the above will help.

Further, many Indian industries which were dependent on china have to look for inhouse or local resources which again is a great opportunity for Indian start-ups and entrepreneurs apart from MSME to attract these clients to them.

We rest this case by mentioning that our industry has very little time to build the future of India and 3d printing is one of the ways forward which can help weave the past, present and future!

Note: The images have been taken from Google for representational purpose..


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